justin_cogley_exampleYour Chef’s Roll profile is meant to put you and your career in the best light. Like a perfectly plated dish being sent out to a food critic. Keep it up-to-date with your latest press, awards, and cuisine photos and remember, “presentation is everything.”

Tips on Promoting and Marketing Yourself

  • Capture all of those volunteer hours at festivals and special events by listing the most prestigious under your “Education & Experience” tab.
  • Post photos of your cuisine that displays your culinary chops to your Chef’s Roll photo gallery.
  • List organizations that you belong to, such as the American Culinary Federation, under your “Memberships & Affiliations” tab.
  • Post a link to your Chef’s Roll profile on all of your social media outlets and if you are listed on a restaurant or event’s website, be sure to ask them to link to it.