Sarah Reid

Sarah Reid

Oshawa, Canada
Nutritionist and Food Blogger | What Smells So Good?
I started my "working life" as a holistic and allopathic nutritional consultant with a love of cooking. Teaching the value of wholesome meal choices to families became close to my heart after I battled a long history of struggles with weight and health, and the passion for teaching led me into where I am now. My blog, which focuses on "bringing good taste to healthier food" through creative use of whole grains, fresh produce and acknowledging the importance of the occasional treat, also features a wealth of "specialty diet" friendly recipes for gluten-, egg-, dairy- and sugar- tree nut-free items that everyone can enjoy without alienating those who need them.

Overall, I want to bring back the desire for good quality, homemade, (mostly) healthy food into the hearts and kitchens of families so that the next generation will be less box-reliant than mine. I firmly believe that any “homemade” food, even when labelled as "naughty", is a more wholesome treat than pre-packaged, cookie-cutter junk. With the knowledge of good food (and how to cook good food) as a base, a healthy lifestyle can follow, and then anything is possible!

Today, my love for teaching and food has taken me down the path of becoming a Montessori Casa and Home Economics teacher. If anything, it solidifies my love for the system and working with children and families!

Bringing great taste to healthier food
Montessori Learning Centre of Pickering. Pickering, ON
Home Economics Instructor
Montessori Learning Centre of Ajax. Ajax, ON
Dietary Manager
Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Toronto, ON
Holistic Nutrition
Centennial College. Toronto, ON
Food & Nutrition Management
George Brown College. Toronto, ON
Baker's Certificate
Cookbook Reviewer
Recipe development
Canadian Society of Nutrition Managers
Holistic Nutritional Practitioners

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