Helene Peloquin

Helene Peloquin

Ottawa, ON, Canada
Food Blogger | La Cuisine d'Hélène
I was born in Québec and now reside in Ottawa, ON.  For the past 26 years I have moved in 7 different provinces from Coast to Coast.  I started a career in the military and met my husband in Portage-la-Prairie, Man. After dating for three months we were married.  We wanted to start a family and I decided to quit the military.  I wanted to be home to raise my children.  When my third child started kindergarten I returned to work for five years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Fredericton, NB.  I was working in Criminal Intelligence.  Loved every minute of it.  Sadly, my husband was transferred to Nova Scotia and I had to quit that dream job and decided to stay home.

At times it was a challenge to be home with three children, but one of the best rewards I had was one day when my son, then 15 yrs old, came home after school and simply said: ‘Thanks mom for being home when I come from school every day’. I almost cried. This is a moment that I will always remember. It touched me right inside and at that moment I knew that I had made the best decision in my life to stay home.

I started to blog in April, 2006 because I wanted to leave something for my three children. Since I had my own family now, when I was going home to visit my parents I would often find myself asking my mom to look at her handwritten recipes and copy them to make sure I have souvenirs when she is gone.  Starting “La Cuisine d’Hélène” was something that my children would have access to all of their lives and it would also bring them lasting memories of meals we had shared together.

Soon I have discovered that it was more than a blog for my family. Blogging has giving me the chance to meet people from all around the world that shares the same passion as mine and go through the same challenges of raising a family, staying home, and wanting to make homemade meals for their family every night. It also gave me opportunities to discover new cookbooks, new products, and do projects with companies in the US and Canada. Looking back, it also has helped going through moments where I felt a bit isolated because we were moving a lot and we had to start all over again in different towns in Canada.

I want to inspire people to go back in the kitchen, cook, bake and eat together.
La Cuisine d'Hélène. Ottawa, ON
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