Kathia Rodriguez

Kathia Rodriguez

San Diego, CA, United States
Blogger/Private Chef | Basic N Delicious
Honeydew Melon Parfait
I’m a personal chef, from Costa Rica and now living in San Diego, sharing my knowledge and love for food in this blog, great tips for your house and more in what I like to call the Latino parenting way.

Inspiring you to create delicious and easy everyday recipes with basic ingredients, baking and sharing all my favorite things.

Born and raise in Costa Rica, my 
passion for food comes from my grandmother, she was always cooking so many delicious dishes and inventing new ones. She was my biggest influence and my inspiration when cooking traditional dishes.

I work as a restaurant manager but I was always catering parties for my friends and family and when we move to San Diego I staring blogging and sharing my basic recipes for all the moms out there always looking for different, easy and delicious recipes.

Eventually this passion has become in my favorite thing ever, and now I not only share recipes, but also tips, ideas, reviews and more.
Honeydew Melon Parfait
Delicious and healthy parfait, perfect for breakfast.
Restaurant Manager. San Jose
Cake/pastry decorating
Food photography
Knife skills
Recipe development
Culinary writing
Food sanitation
Culinary writing
Recipe development
Kitchen management

  • Agua De Tamarindo (Tamarindo Drink)

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