Sam Pratt

I love to eat the best food and enjoy the best drinks possible. I will go anywhere and try anything. It doesn't matter if it's a dive bar or a Michelin star restaurant. I'm comfortable in both and anywhere in between.
Pig Tails at the Libertine in St. Louis, MO
Dive Bars 2 Five Stars. St. Louis, MO
Owner / Writer
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Sam Pratt
Sam Pratt
St. Louis, MO
United States

Dive Bars 2 Five Stars
Owner / Manager

I grew up and extremely picky eater and was not adventurous in my food choices.  During my time in college, I finally started to diversify my tastes.  I have since taken this to passion.  In my fridge / freezer at any given time you can expect to find all kinds of offal as well as some more exotic meats.  For example, I have cow tongue and squirrel ready to go as of typing this bio.

My venturing into blogging started after being an avid blogger reader.  I was always researching new restaurants to try.  After some nudging from friends and co-workers that always asked for restaurant recommendations, I decide to take the splash into blogging.  That was in June of 2012 and it has been a tasty adventure ever since.  I have had to pleasure to eat my way across the US and meet some amazing people along the way.  Sharing a meal with people is the best way to make connections and find new lifelong friends.