Kyle Branche

Kyle Branche

Woodland Hills / Los Angeles, CA, United States
Author / Content Creator / Interviewer | Bitters Hub
This is a 10-book series called Cocktail Hotel. The drink picture is of a Cedar-Peach Old Fashioned.
Kyle Branche is a 35-year veteran professional and private bartender in Los Angeles. Originally from the historic village of Sackets Harbor, off the edge of Lake Ontario in the Southern part of upstate New York in the Thousand Islands region near Cape Vincent, he was raised on his Grandparents' dairy farm up until the age of seven. From there he moved out West to Arizona, though went back in the Summertime of his early teens to vacation and help with the farm chores of driving tractor, cutting fields, baling hay, feeding cows, and riding the farms' Honda 70 motorbike anywhere and everywhere. His wide variety of bartending experiences in the City of Angels is second to none, having worked in many bars, nightclubs, private clubs, restaurants, hotels, concert venues, and is currently more off the grid today working a busy, yet more flexible schedule as a private on-call bartender with a variety of services, caterers, event planners, brand-sponsored events and private clientele working the party circuit throughout the spread out metropolis. while still holding position in the bar at The Gardenia Room in Hollywood for 28 years. His Blog of stories and encounters (LABartender.wordpress) is culled from many moons behind the bar, now in his fourth decade. Kyle was a contributing writer and columnist in the leading beverage magazines from 2002-2012, with 75 published pieces, including the monthly cocktail column "Liquid Kitchen" with Patterson’s Beverage Journal (now The Tasting Panel), feature cover stories, contributing articles, and one online multimedia super feature story with Sante Magazine. He’s also co-produced and/or co-hosted the cocktail shows “Liquid Kitchen” and “Beverage Road”, has written a treatment for a one-hour dramatic television series titled “Life Behind Bars”, played the character of “Clive, the Bartender from the Dead” in the short film "The Hounds of Bakersfield", and the part of "Lyle the Bartender" in the upcoming feature film "Frozen Tundra". Other on-camera work includes his two Cocktail Art DVD’s of “live and close-up” specialty and classic drink preparations. His KylesCocktailHotel website had an array of great bar reference information, his bar product line, video, slideshow, and his cocktail photography. His Zazzle store - - uses 70 of his drink images on a variety of 15 everyday products: postage stamps, coffee mugs, t-shirts, greeting cards, aprons, hats, mousepads, as well as iPod, iPad and iPhone cases.
This is a 10-book series called Cocktail Hotel. The drink picture is of a Cedar-Peach Old Fashioned.
I'm an out-of-the-box thinker, a project dude, an idea guy. I'm inspired by finding niches in the industry that haven't been explored, researched or created yet. My direction is forward progress.
The Gardenia Room. Hollywood, CA
Bartender. 3+ yrs
I conduct Bitters Presentations and Cocktail Classes
Industry Magazine Writer for 10 years
Liquid Kitchen Show - Co-Host and Writer
Culinary cocktail photography series
Admin. for The Gardenia Facebook page
35-year Professional and Private Bartender/Mixologist
Author of 15 bar books
Co-Creator of the Bar Professional online course education website
Consultant - Bar / Drinks / Menu / Staff

  • Cocktail Art DVD Sampler

  • Antique Cocktail Shakers

  • Hydrometry

  • The Beverage Writer

  • Kyle's Custom Private Party Bar

  • Clive "The Bartender from the Dead"

  • Liquid Kitchen Pilot Sizzle Cut - 2002

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