Carlos Walther-Meade

Carlos Walther-Meade

San Diego, CA, United States
Lifestyle Photoblogger | PS I love San Diego
San Diego skyline as seen from Coronado.
Born in San Diego and subsequently enjoying a cross-border lifestyle, Carlos Walther-Meade is eager to showcase our regional cultural opportunities.

A steadfast lover of all things culinary, Carlos appreciates the relationship with chefs, and is passionate about promoting food-related as well as stand-alone unique and special events. Beyond that, he also highlights sporting events, museum exhibitions or simply a special walk in the park that both he and his wife Nancy attend.

This area always been awesome! There’s always something going on, and I want you to know about it, want to go it, tell people about it and definitely go to it – get out and be a part of it!

San Diego skyline as seen from Coronado.
I am enthusiastic, engaged and excited connect people through fabulous food, fantastic experiences, and phenomenal photographs via my blog. I spotlight San Diego and Baja's unique events, creative cuisine and culture, all of which transcend borders.
PS I love San Diego. San Diego, Ca
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The Art Institute of California. San Diego, Ca
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