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Kayla Galeno

Kayla Galeno

Murrieta, CA, United States
Line Cook | Thornton Winery
Pomegranate Salad
I grew up cooking in my grandparents kitchen and shop. As a young child my grandpa gave me the inspiration to get into cooking and to a pursue a degree in this industry.I did as much i could to learn from him by washing dishes, taking the trash,doing everything more than to just cooking.In trying to understand this business because there is so much more than just cooking.

This industry has paved a way that makes me love food and see it in a different way than others do.At some point in my life i hope to make people happy with the comfort of food or giving them the knowledge of what comes out of this amazing journey of being in this industry.

Pomegranate Salad
Cooking is like love, it should be entered with complete abandon or not at all !! My goal is to show people what I love to do and to always give my best.
The Art Institute of California- San Diego. San Diego, CA
B.A in Culinary Management
Knife skills
Garde manger/Pantry
Food sanitation
Menu development
Safe food handling
team leader
fast learner
strong communication
Hot line cookery

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