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Richard Bright

Richard Bright

Auburn, AL, United States
Sous Chef | Zazu Gastropub
     I started college pursuing a degree in Agribusiness Education. Growing up working farms, and spending years in the National FFA Organization, this wasn't a surprise to anyone who knew me. I found my first kitchen at fifteen years old, working as a line cook and dishwasher at a local steakhouse. It wasn't until I moved to Auburn for college that I realized that there was something unsettling about what I had picked as a career. Ag-Ed was something I had been very interested in, but deciding to stay with that major became more of a question as time went on. I was offered a job at a private golf course, making decent money, with the guarantee to the manager that I knew how to cook. I was completely lost. I immediately fell in love with the fast learning and creativity of being a cook. To be honest, it wasn't something that I had ever even considered. After realizing it was possible to still work in the agricultural field, although indirectly, I knew that it was a career that I could commit to.

     My goal is to learn, create, and hopefully inspire someone to find a passion for the food we eat, and where it all comes from. 
Being from a family that appreciates the meaning and importance that food brings to life, both social and physical, I feel a great closeness and respect to nature. The first step to a good meal, is quality sourced ingredients. I support local farmers and small businesses.
Zazu Gastropub. Opelika, AL
Sous Chef. 1-2 yrs
Line Cook. 1-2 yrs
McLin's. Daleville, AL
Line Cook. 2-3 yrs
Amsterdam Cafe. Auburn, AL
Line Cook. 1-2 yrs
The Depot. Auburn, AL
Line Cook. < 1 yr
Moore's Mill Club. Auburn, AL
Chef De Partie/ Station Chef. 2-3 yrs
Hot line cookery
Meat butchery
Menu development
Ingredient sourcing
Fish butchery
Food photography

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