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Suzie's Farm


San Diego, CA, Region: San Diego CountyUnited States
Suzie's Farm
A CSA box
Suzie’s Farm is a 140-acre USDA-certified organic farm located thirteen miles south of downtown San Diego. We grow over 100 varieties of seasonal vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruits, year-round. Our Suzie’s farm-ily includes 85 employees, a handful of happy farm dogs, and a fleet of 300 egg-laying hens.

Suzie’s Farm is a creation of Robin Taylor and Lucila De Alejandro and is first and foremost a family farm. Our mission is to feed San Diegans the freshest and highest quality produce while creating a community of people who are passionate about organic, locally grown produce.

Suzie’s was established in 2004, on the property adjacent to Sun Grown Organic Distributors, a sprout and wheatgrass company operated by Robin and Lucila for twenty-five years. Our farm is named after a Norwegian Elkhound who appeared on the property in early 2004. When the property became available, Robin and Lucila jumped at the opportunity and established Suzie’s Farm, named after the dog they’d found there.

The first items grown at Suzie’s were edible flowers and herbs. Since 2004, we’ve expanded in both size and scope, and now grow a multitude of vegetables, herbs, and fruits on 140 acres of beautiful farmland south of Imperial Beach. In 2010, we began our CSA program, which has become the cornerstone of our company. We’re honored to feed our local community and encourage all of our customers to become a part of our farm-ily by visiting the farm for a tour or seasonal event. We’ll see you in the field!
A CSA box
Suzie’s Farm is a 140-acre USDA-certified organic farm located thirteen miles south of downtown San Diego. We grow over 100 varieties of seasonal vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruits, year-round.
Like many small farms, we rely on the support of our CSA Shareholders. As a thank-you for supporting us, you’ll receive a box bursting with freshly harvested produce, including items grown specifically for you. You’ll also receive our weekly shareholder letter from Lucila, two complimentary tour passes for our Second Saturday Tour, as well as special pricing and access to various Suzie’s events. Learn more here.              
Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Specialty Crop Production
Soil Management
Vegetable and Small Fruit
Farmers Markets
Berry Good Night Dinner 2015: Now in its sixth year, Berry Good Night celebrates local growers, ranchers, and producers, along with championing the ideology of sustainable food. It unites kindred spirits—artisans, food activists, farmers, ranchers, winemakers, brewers, writers, chefs, restaurateurs and dedicated locavores—for an evening of conscious conversation over a sensory sustainable feast.
Suzie's Farm Stand: Every Tuesday 2pm-6pm and Saturday 10am-2pm
Pacific Beach Farmer's Market: Every Tuesday 2pm-7pm
Ocean Beach Certified Farmer's Market: Every Wednesday 4pm-8pm
North Park Farmer's Market: Every Thursday 3pm-7pm
Little Italy Mercato: Every Saturday 8am-2pm
Poway Farmer's Market: Every Saturday 8am-1pm
La Jolla Open Aire Market: Every Sunday 9am-1pm
Hillcrest Farmers Market: Every Sunday 9am-2pm
Leucadia Farmers Market: Every Sunday 10am-2pm
This place was great!! I came here recently for a special event and I had a great time. I was able to meet one of the owners of the farm and she was so nice and thoughtful and really spent time discussing the history of the farm and the ins and out associated with their activities and events through out the year! So much of the produce in our local restaurants is from here and they often have vendors in their public area to help celebrate what farming brings to our tables each and every day! It was a great experience and I can't wait to come back for more! They have "pick your own" and it's all organic which makes it even better!!!
- Lyndsi W. via Yelp

Suzies is reconnecting the city of San Diego with the experience of growing food. The farm offers farm tours, a CSA box program, farm school and camp opportunities for kids and much much more. Great business!
- Eric S. via Yelp

Pastured Eggs: Our pastured chickens eat 100% organic feed as well as composted produce and anything they find to peck at – like bugs, grubs, seeds, and weeds – in our fallow fields.
Organic Swiss Chard: available year round
Organic Spinach: available year round
Organic Salad Mixes: available year round
Organic Radishes: available year round
Organic Lettuce: available year round
Organic Fennel: available year round
Organic Arugula: available year round
Organic Beans: available in summer
Organic Herbs: available in summer
Organic Bulb Onions: available in summer
Organic Tomatoes: available in summer
Organic Melons: available in summer
Organic Peppers: available in summer
Organic Zucchini: available in summer
Organic Summer Squash: available in summer
Organic Cucumbers: available in summer

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