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Simon Majumdar

Simon Majumdar

Los Angeles, CA, United States
Simon Majumdar
In my happy place.

At the age of forty, like so many other people, I realised that there had to be more to my existence than the 9-5 daily grind in book publishing that had filled the last twenty years of my life. Brought to the tipping point by a genuine mid-life crisis, the death of my mother and stressful changes in the work place, I quit my job and set out to fulfil my life’s ambition to “Go Everywhere, Eat Everything” beginning a journey which cost me most of my life savings, took me to thirty one countries in a little over a year and resulted in my critically acclaimed book, EAT MY GLOBE (The Free Press, 2009). Along the way, I not only ate thousands of meals, from the divine and delectable to the unusual and unpalatable, but also encountered hundreds of people. Some I knew through interaction on food websites and my own internationally popular food blog, and others I met along the way. What they all had in common was the fact that they welcomed this often weary traveller into their lives with incredible generosity and showed me the glories of their culture through the medium of food. This led to such extraordinary experiences as sharing the picnic lunches of passengers on the train from Marrakech to Casablanca, working with a team of meat enthusiasts at The American Royal, the world’s biggest barbecue competition and even sharing home cooked meals in places as far apart as Finland, China, Mongolia and Mexico. It is a lesson I am always keen to share and while my style might be irreverent at the very heart of my journey is a genuine and deep felt affection for people. It is an affection which the London Daily Telegraph says “really nourishes the soul.”
In my happy place.
Simon is an author & broadcaster. He appears in numerous episodes of Food Network's Iron Chef America, Beat Bobby Flay, The Next Iron Chef & Cutthroat Kitchen, among others. He is known as "Food Network's toughest critic." He was also a contributing expert on Nat Geo's Eat: The Story of Food.
Business Innovation Factory - September 16-17, 2015: Join Simon as he tells his story at BIF, one of the nation's most renowned storytelling gatherings that provides innovators with the space to be curious and crazy, get inspired, and collide with unusual collaborators. The BIF Summit exists as a means to enable a purposeful community of innovation junkies who want to design, prototype, and test new business models and social systems in the real world.
Golden Foodie Awards at the Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach, CA - September 28, 2015: Join Simon as he hosts The Golden Foodies, an incredible event that honors the best chefs and independent restaurants in Orange County, California. ​The glamorous red carpet event will take place at the Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach on September 28, 2015.
The Great American "Fed, White, and Blue" Book Tour 2015: Simon's latest book “Fed, White and Blue” catalogues his journey to American citizenship through extraordinary food experiences. It will be published by Hudson St. Press on April 7th 2015. To celebrate its publication, and to hopefully connect with even more of his new fellow countrymen, he will head out on a major road trip around the United States of America. To learn more, please click here:
Chicago Ideas Week. Chicago, IL
Host of the Food Discussion Forum 2012
The Business Innovation Factory. Keynote Speaker 2012
International Corporate Chefs of America. Keynote Speaker 2013
The Global Culinary Innovators Association. Keynote Speaker 2014
The Golden Foodie Awards. Newport Beach, CA
Award Presenter 2014
The Smithsonian Museum of American History. Washington, DC
Host of Raise a Glass to Cocktails 2014
The World Food Championships (WFC). Las Vegas, NV
Final Table Judge 2013/14
American Brewing Company. Edmonds, WA
Member, Board of Directors
The Independent UK. Feature Writer
The Times of London. Feature Writer
The Guardian. Feature Writer
AskMen. Feature Writer
Food Network Dish. Feature Writer
Extreme Chef. Food Network
Best Thing I Ever Ate. Food Network
The Next Iron Chef. Food Network
Iron Chef America. Food Network
Recurring Judge
Eat: The Story of Food. National Geographic Channel
Contributing Expert
Beat Bobby Flay. Food Network
Cutthroat Kitchen. Food Network
Recurring Judge
Food and travel feature writer
Public speaker
TV/radio guest appearances
Food critic
Book publishing
Recipe development

  • Mission Bacon (General)

  • Back in Time for Thanksgiving (Cooking Channel)

  • The Best Thing I Ever Ate: With Garlic (Food Network)

  • The Best Thing I Ever Ate: On a Stick (Food Network)

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  • The Next Iron Chef Reel (Food Network)

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A testament to his writing skills and enthusiasm for his subject that despite the heavy emphasis on meat-based products, even a vegetarian like myself found the book highly enjoyable...
- Morning Star on "Eating for Britain"

Leave you wishing you had something more than a bit of toast to keep you going as you turn the pages…
- The Observer on "Eating for Britain"

EATING FOR BRITAIN’s main ingredients are nostalgia, pleasure and pride. It is also an impassioned case for the defence of our much-maligned gastronomy.
- Daily Mail

Excellent foodie travel memoir … Majumdar is often genuinely funny and can spin a good story … highly readable, and often highly entertaining but to be avoided if you are on a diet.
- Clover Stroud, Sunday Telegraph on "Eat My Globe"

EAT MY GLOBE is a culinary tour de force that mixes an infectious enthusiasm for the world of food with a celebration of the people who prepare it...
- Andrew Rimas and Evan Fraser, authors of BEEF

True to Simon’s enthusiastic, opinionated, knowledgeable personality, EAT MY GLOBE is filled with good one - liners that made me laugh out loud. But I’m determined to convert him to a love of pizza...
- Donatella Arpaia, author of DONATELLA COOKS

Ballsy, often hilarious . . . His experiences and descriptions, however brief, of the global gastronomic sublime, such as his sunset supper in the Filipino countryside, are appetite-whetting, and his take-no-prisoners attitude and opinions match the project’s ambitions.
- Publisher's Weekly on "Eat My Globe"

Majumdar writes like a dream and eats like a pig. It’s a killer combination. EAT MY GLOBE is a very funny, very hungry book, much like its author.
- Jay Rayner

A snappy and entertaining book… although this is an account of Majumdar’s international love affair with food, it’s his deep affection for those with who he shares it that really nourishes the soul.
- London Daily Telegraph on "Eat My Globe"

Simon Majumdar knows his sh**… Plus – the bastard can write.
- Anthony Bourdain, author of KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL

I have met very few people in my lifetime who are as passionate about food as Simon. EAT MY GLOBE takes you on a vividly descriptive culinary tour. His very personal, unapologetic writing style is not only brilliant but extremely entertaining. If you are a lover of food and hater of bullshit this is a must read.
- Iron Chef, Michael Symon

What makes “Eat My Globe” such a pleasure is that Simon Majumdar seeks not only to saturate himself with sensations but to soak up the significance of every bite he takes along the way. His driving passion is fueled by a kind of knowing naïveté that allows him to marvel at discoveries both great and small. As a result “Globe” is critical yet enthusiastic, worldly yet humble, and so much fun you’ll want to go buy yourself a big red suitcase.
- Alton Brown

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