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Sarah Harper

Sarah Harper

Jacksonville, FL, United States
Culinary Student | Virginia College Culinard
Precision matters...
I grew up in a large household as the oldest of five children. Growing up I was always the inside kid that loves to read, paint and whatever else crafty stuff I could get my hands on. One of my favorite memories was when I learned to make fresh, homemade bread. I always enjoyed cooking, but never had visions of being a chef or anything like that.

After I graduated high school, I began working at a law firm as an office clerk. I think early on I was very impressionable about what I could have been happy doing because very quickly I thought oh wow this could be awesome, I can be a paralegal and so on and so forth. Obviously that didn't happen. It wasn't until I was three months away from nursing school that I suddenly realized I want to cook! What I always enjoyed had suddenly become a passion. 

Attending Culinard at Virginia College is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only have I met some incredible people and amazing chefs, but through their influence my drive for this field has definitely intensified. One of the most influential things my chef told me was "A cluttered work space is a cluttered mind." This has ultimately played a role in my style of cooking and my way of creating new things.  

Precision matters...
That look of utter bliss on someone's face when they taste my food is what excites me and drives me to continue and create bigger better things. I want to be the person in the background that gets to prepare and then watch. My aspiration is to have my own catering business and be free to create.
Wal-Mart. Jacksonville, FL
Department Manager
Publix Supermarkets. Jacksonville, FL
Seafood Clerk
Culinard at Virginia College. Jacksonville, FL
Culinary Student
Knife skills
Food sanitation
Inventory control
Following leadership
Sipping a glass of my favorite wine while preparing dinner is my favorite cooking style; that is relaxed. Cuisines that interest me range from Latin and Caribbean to authentic Japanese. Diversity is definitely exciting when it comes to food, and the more the better.

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