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Randell Hampton

Randell Hampton

Miami, FL, United States
Owner Of Thee Unlikely Chef LLC (chef) |
Spicy Crab Cakes With Japanese Shrimp Sauce
Growing up, no one in my family really cooked. the few simple foods, but that was it. As a child I didn't even know what other types of dishes that were out there until i grew up and went to college. That's when I experienced a whole new world of cuisines. From Italian, to Middle Eastern, African to Asian Cuisines... I was very intrigued. 

Somewhere along the lines I met my current significant other who pushed me to opening up my own small business as a personal chef and to leave pharmacy because i was just "content" and he knew I was in love with cooking. From there, I have acquired many NFL Players and other notable people I have met as clients and haven't looked back since. Cooking is not just what I do, it's what I love and I wouldn't change it for the world. 
Spicy Crab Cakes With Japanese Shrimp Sauce
Randell Hampton brings all of her diverse skills sets to each and every one of her customers within their home. As a Personal Chef she creates customized dinner engagements that are always fun and very memorable. From Menu Listing, Plating, and Serving, you'll never be disappointed.
Thee Unlikely Chef. Miami
Executive Chef/ Owner
Knife skills
Homemade pasta
Menu development
Recipe development
Cake/pastry decorating

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