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Keenan Jonse

Keenan Jonse

Santee, CA, United States
Culinary Student | The Art Institute of San Diego - California
Dried Apricot, Dried Cranberries, Raisins, Granny Smith Apple, and Red Grape Plated Fruit Platter
My career has been very minimal so far, in the culinary field, that is. I have worked for several different companies from coaching sports to working retail and it has given me tons of work experience. I have chosen jobs that give me a better look at customer service and teaching or mentoring because it will prepare me for FOH operations. I absolutely enjoy cooking, but FOH is where I see my career. I have an absolute joy when it comes to interacting with guests and if I am in the floor that is what the job entitles. The experiences the guest has with the people that they meet in the hospitality as well as the food is what leaves the impression on them. I see my role as the person they meet in the establishment and can come to with critiques, opinions, and suggestions. 
Dried Apricot, Dried Cranberries, Raisins, Granny Smith Apple, and Red Grape Plated Fruit Platter
My inspiration comes from my family, we all have our own style of cooking but it is all family style portions. Nothing else seemed to catch my attention after high school as much as doing something within the food industry whether it be managing a restaurant or menu design.
Showcall Productions. San Diego, CA
Truck Loader
SDYFC. San Diego, CA
Football Coach
San Pasqual Winery. La Mesa, CA
Winery Assistant
Ross Dress For Less. Santee, CA
Sales Floor/Register
LionHeart Fitness Kids. San Diego, CA
The Jamison's. San Diego, CA
Childcare Provider
The Art Institute of California. San Diego, CA
Culinary Management Student
Customer Service
Menu development
Food/menu costing
Garde manger/Pantry
Time management
BOH operations
Food/menu costing
Recipe development
My cuisine style again stems from my family. My style is a combination of barbecue and Mexican to say the least. This is what i grew up on in my family and fully encompass the homestyle/family style cuisine. The entire family is full of bakers and that influence has rubbed off on me greatly as well.

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