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Jeffrey Spear

Jeffrey Spear

Jacksonville, FL, United States
Presenter & Freelance Writer | The Gadget Guy
Jeffrey Spear (aka The Gadget Guy) suggests a sprinkle of sumac to spice up Lebanese Hummus.
Jeffrey Spear wears a number of hats. As a broadcast talent, he appears on television and on stage as The Gadget Guy, presenting essential culinary tools, unusual gadgets, and fundamental cooking techniques to audiences hungry for better outcomes in the kitchen.  

He is also an accomplished journalist and writer. As a columnist, Spear writes for a number of consumer and trade oriented publications, reporting and commenting on industry dynamics as well as the latest trends in the culinary world. With professional training from cooking schools in Australia and the United States, Spear applies his writing talents to cookbooks. He is the author of "Yum: Tasty Recipes from Culinary Greats" and "The First Coast Heritage Cookbook." His third cookbook is now in development.  

Lastly, he is the President and Strategic Director for Studio Spear, an award winning, globally recognized, marketing consultancy that specializes in food manufacturing and foodservice industries, catering to both consumer and trade audiences. Some of his better known clients have included Anheuser Busch, Disney, BaskinRobbins, San-J and USAID. While these organizations operate globally, Studio Spear maintains relationships with food producers of all sizes and geographic influence. With clients on every continent except Antarctica, Spear works with a broad spectrum of ingredients and value-added products.
Jeffrey Spear (aka The Gadget Guy) suggests a sprinkle of sumac to spice up Lebanese Hummus.
Jeffrey Spear (aka The Gadget Guy) is a broadcast talent, cookbook author, globally recognized food branding guru and journalist. In these roles, he works with broadcasters, restaurateurs, food editors, food producers, and home cooks, all hungry for better culinary experiences and education.
Gastrofest: Jeffrey Spear will be providing a number of culinary and educational experiences during this first-ever food-centric event in Jacksonville. As the author of The First Coast Heritage Cookbook, he will appear on the MOCA stage to discuss the origins of Southern Cuisine. He will also be available for book signings next door at Chamblin's Bookmine. Not to be missed, however, will be his cooking demo featuring a number of recipes from his book.
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Studio Spear. Jacksonville, Florida
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SpearWrites. Jacksonville, Florida
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Food industry consulting
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