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Jay Bliznick

Jay Bliznick

Highwood, IL, United States
Head Chef | Del Rio Restaurant
I have been cooking for most of my life. I have two real passions; food and movies. I worked in the motion picture industry most of my life and eventually got burned out.

At the age of 40 I decided that I needed a change and went to culinary school at one of the oldest culinary schools in the country, Washburne. 

I staged and worked at several odd and interesting places and landed jobs working as a line cook at high volume restaurants and catering companies. Here I learned the skills that you need to work and run a line.

I was looking for a job and to move up in the industry. Luckily I had a cousin who owned a restaurant that had been in the family for over 90 years. Italian cuisine and a world class wine cellar with wines dating back to the 1800's. 

My cousin gave me a chance and I have been introducing new dishes along side of the old favorites and increasing our business daily. We are now one of the oldest and most successful Italian restaurants in the metro Chicagoland area. 

I have been cooking all my life. I left a career in motion pictures to pursue my passion for cooking. At 40, attended culinary school and now I am the head Chef at a restaurant that has been in my family for over 90 years.
Lobby Lounge. Chicago, Il
Lead Line Cook
Food For Thought. Chicago, Il
Line Cook
Washburne Culinary School. Chicago, Il
Associates, Culinary Arts

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