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Frankie Thaheld

Frankie Thaheld

San Diego, CA, United States
Partner / Director of Culinary Mixology | Snake Oil Cocktail Company
Backlot Bees Knees - london dry gin, pressed lemon, orange blossom honey, lavender soda
I started my beverage career as a soda jerk in Fullerton, California in the late 80's.  It wasn't until I worked as a bartender/corporate trainer for California Pizza Kitchen that I learned a love for bartending.
After 11 years of globetrotting and teaching people in foreign lands the basic trade, I wanted to increase my own skill level and challenge myself.  I became the head mixologist at the well respected, George's At The Cove - California Modern Restaurant.  Our chef took me to NYC and we explored numerous speak easies and cocktail bars.  One in particular struck me as profound when I saw a cilantro infused gin for the first time.  This really inspired me and opened my eyes to something other than pre prohibition cocktail stylings.
I soon started to experiment with vegetables, rare herbs & spices and exotic fruits.  Building on these factors and learning to carefully balance complex flavors and acidity became a passion.  Still holding to the tenets of classic cocktail recipes, I found a way to live in both worlds.
I am always looking around the corner for the next innovation and hope to be creating some of my own.

Backlot Bees Knees - london dry gin, pressed lemon, orange blossom honey, lavender soda
I am dedicated in bringing the elements of the kitchen and garden with elevated technique to the bar to create multi-sensory and memorable beverage experiences.
Snake Oil Cocktail Company. San Diego, CA
Partner / Director of Culinary Mixology
George's At The Cove. La Jolla, CA
Head Mixologist
Alchemy. San Diego, ca
Head Mixologist
California Pizza Kitchen. San Diego, CA
Corporate Trainer
Menu development
Competition judging
Recipe development
Staff training
Ingredient sourcing
Food/menu costing
Labor cost management
Culinary writing
TV/radio guest appearances

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