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Ashley Hardin

Ashley Hardin

Seattle, WA, United States
Photographer | Ashley Hardin Studio
Her love and passion for food photography developed at a young age on a small farm in Texas while watching her mother and grandmother prepare meals for the family.  She turned her fascination for food into a profession as of 2006 and hasn't looked back since. 

In her free time she enjoys traveling with her chef husband, Avery, embarking on new adventures, and exploring the unknown, which continues to inspire her to leap outside of her boundaries.  

Ashley is a Seattle based food photographer with gusto and a creative mind to boot! Hungry and determined, she strives to create powerful imagery that stimulates your hypothalamus, and makes you salivate. Available for hire, hungry and determined.
Brooks Institute. Santa Barbara, CA
Food photography
Travels well with others
Cat Wrangler
Amateur cook

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