Jennifer Costa

Jennifer Costa

Jersey City, NJ, United States
Executive Pastry Chef | Harborside Concepts
As a young girl growing up in Sonoma County, Jennifer discovered her love for the kitchen when she took a job working for her mother at Kendal Jackson. At first she worked in the banquet department setting up and breaking down parties at the winery, but since that didn't seem very exciting she made her way into the kitchen every free minute she had. After begging the chefs to show her the ropes, they finally decided to give her a chance and it was an instant kind of love, some might say fireworks.

Soon after, Jennifer signed up for Johnson & Wales and counted the days until high school was over and she could start the path to what she loved! When it came time to declare a major, she found pastries to be the right fit as she loved food and art - both required to make a great pastry chef. After college she traveled to Bray England and worked for Michel Roux, where she learned to enjoy the classics; learn them, embrace them, and love them. To this day she finds classic French pastries to be the most beautiful works of edible art and she enjoys making her own with new and creative twists.      
Jennifer Costa uses her pastry skills to create beautiful, well-rounded desserts for all avenues of the business from restaurants, to banquets, to special functions, along the way teaching young pastry cooks the classic techniques.
Centrolina. Washington D.C
Executive Pastry Chef
Le Diplomate. Washington DC
Executive Pastry Chef
Johnson & Wales. Providence, RI
Bachelors of Science in Baking and Pastry Arts
Patisserie Angelica. Santa Rosa, CA
Baking Commis
Waterside Inn. Bray, England
Pastry Commis
Cyrus. Healdsburg, CA
Pastry Assistant
Guy Savoy. Las Vegas, NV
Assistant Pastry Chef
Lodge at Torrey Pines. San Diego, CA
Executive Pastry Chef
Le Diplomat. Washington, DC
Executive Pastry Chef
Plated desserts from concept to reality
Cake decorating
Tailored Menu Development
Management of staff
TV/Radio Guest Appearances
Focusing on using local organic ingredients, Jennifer recreates classic dishes with her own flair. The most important element to any dish is to apply the right techniques and to use the highest quality product available both for plated and large scale desserts.

  • Deconstructed Lemon Chiffon Cake

  • Tropical Dessert

  • Tea and Crumpets

  • Poached Stone Fruit
I am SO SORRY I have let so much time go by without a note. But as I sit here sobbing...because I'm finishing my last piece of birthday cake...I just had to write. I had to tell you that it's not just because it was the most epic party ever but...this is hands down the best cake I've ever eaten. If I'm lucky, I hope to eat many more of your delectable creations! -Mimi

Excellent service. We felt truly pampered. The little extra sent out by the chef and attention to detail with my food allergies were appreciated. The desserts were AMAZING truly works of art, Magnificent!
- Stephen C.

"I cannot tell how thrilled my granddaughter was when the hot, gluten free muffins were delivered to our table. She was visiting me from New York and told me that she has NEVER had a more delicious muffin. She just purred while eating them. Then to top it off you prepared the brownies for her! Thank you for making my visit with her so memorable and making our day perfect"
- Judee F.